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      As an improvement of the application I'm developing I have created a HVirtualKeyBoard class, so that textboxes could be edited in the normal way pushing the remote control buttons like and when you are writing a SMS, or otherwise using this keyboard. I think it is usefull because TV application are supossed to be easy to use for people of different ages, andi I can't imagine anyone who is in his/her sixties or older to managing writing text in this way. When a key of this virtual keyboard is pressed (pushing the OK buttom of the remote control) this character should be written in the focused textbox (HSingleLineEntry), but I don't manage to do that. Here is part of my code:
      case HItemEvent.SCROLL_MORE:
                          Logger.debug(this, "processHItemEvent():SCROLL_MORE");
                     case HItemEvent.ITEM_SELECTED:
                          char pressedKey=chars[getCurrentRow()][getCurrentCol()];
                          //Logger.debug(this, "processHItemEvent():ITEM_SELECTED key= "+pressedKey);
                          Logger.debug(this, "currentItemChanged(): keyText= "+HKeyEvent.getKeyText(keyCodes[currentRow][currentCol]));
                          editComponent.processHKeyEvent(new HKeyEvent(this,HKeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED,keyTime,keyModifiers,keyCodes[currentRow][currentCol],chars[currentRow][currentCol]));
                          editComponent.processHKeyEvent(new HKeyEvent(this,HKeyEvent.KEY_RELEASED,keyTime+2,keyModifiers,keyCodes[currentRow][currentCol],chars[currentRow][currentCol]));
      could anyone help me?