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    Little game

      Hi all, I've created (well, some months ago) a little Xlet, a card game. One of those where you must match pairs of cards. It was created for show in a technological demonstration, and it was broadcasted for one week ;) I created in a few days, so there are some errors, but I'm fixing them.

      I licensed it GPL v2 so I decided to upload it to Sourceforge, if anyone is interested, curious about it... anything, you can take a look at it. It may even help to you, just use it according to the license :)

      You can find it at https://sourceforge.net/projects/memory-mhp It's in spanish language, so if you have any doubt you can ask. The version uploaded was the first I tested, so it contains more errors than expected and no Javadoc, but I'll upload better versions as soon as I begin to understand how CVS works. So, you can download it as a .zip or from the CVS (I prefer the CVS)

      PS: If you are planning to use it anyhow, use your own images.