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    What is the unique identification of a Tru2Way enabled TV or Set-Top Box

      I am working on Tru2Way OCAP application. I need to store the no of selection(hits) for every particular program(Xlet) for each unique STB. Like, if user1 from STB1 selects program#2 three time, and program#3 four times and user2 from STB2 selects program#2 fives times and program#3 six times, then we need to store this analysis in database like this:
      User STB Program# Time
      User1 STB1 2 3
      User2 STB2 2 5
      User1 STB1 3 4
      User2 STB2 3 6

      Aim is to find out user intrest for a perticular program/ Xlet / Services.

      How can we get this done?How can we get a unique identification for a STB or a User in Xlet?

      How Application server can idetify between different user(STB) on the network, so as to save user specific information in DB.