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    Why ?Why ? Tell Me Why ! The question about the preference.


      I know the Prefernce Class was used to storage persistent,But the

      Preference Class is an abstract Class ,it can't be instanced. The

      GreneralPreference class extends the Preference ,provides some

      standardized preferences--"Default Font Size".The other case ,the user

      want to define the other preferences--"Z_wolf" ,that the

      GreneralPreference class is not provide.
      The Code:
      GreneralPreference GPreference = new GreneralPreference("Z-wolf");

      When I debug the program,the result hint that the "Z_wolf"

      preference's name was not supported. Are there anybody tell me the cause .
      Are there anybody tell me the cause of the storage persistent in mhp ,and how to extend Preferences class.