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    Setting xlet starting time and stream event use


      I am studying about the use of stream event and one problem came up .
      I want to set a application to start in a specific time. I know that we can set the xlet to start avery time that the user goes to the channel or we can set it to start just when the user choose to start it.

      Is there any way to send a event stream in order to start an xlet in a specific time?

      We tried one solution but it didnt work well, I will explain. We set the xlet to be autostart, but the xlet doesn't shows anything until we send a event stream telling it to show itself. It seemed to be a nice solution, but the only problem is that every time a change the channel and go back, it loads the whole application again. There is a label "MHP Loading" in the screen every time I go the channel with the xlet.

      So, I would like to know if there is a away to store the application, so it will not need to download it again any time I go back to the channel.

      Is there any way to optimise the downloading time?
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          You should talk to whoever is broadcasting the signal so it makes the application non-service bound, so it's not destroyed when you change service.

          The problem is on the broadcasting side. By default broadcaster make apps service-bounded so they're only available for those services, I think it's changing some property on the AIT so it's not destroyed.
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            Absolutely! You should make your application "unbound" so it is not associated to any particular channel.

            I dont what transport-stream generator you are using but you might have an option in the XAIT configuration to make your application either a "service bound or not". (You should make it non-service bound).