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    Tetris source code in Xlet


      Can anyone please post me the tetris game source code in Xlet?? I have found source code in which points(polygon) are taken to create the shapes. I want the source code in which images are used to create shapes.I have tried by using four small rectangle type colored image and combining them together to make single images that are of L-shape,I-shape,T-shape etc..etc.Also I want the codes of positioning the shapes and the disappearence of the lines when it is completely filled. Kindly help me .I am in urgent need of the source code.
      The code should be in Xlet.
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          Register here: [http://www.cineca.tv/labs/mhplab/download.html|http://www.cineca.tv/labs/mhplab/download.html]
          And you could download all the source code of a tetris game. It's free software.
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            Thanks for your help. But i am not been able to log in this site. I have already got some source code but most of them have used points to create shapes in the tetris game. I am using images . So i need code related to the some image joined together to make the respective shapes (I-shape,L-shape,T-shape etc..) used in the tetris game. Please help me to log in the site or link that you have sent. I think it has been written in Italy which i dont understand.
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              First of all you have to register. You can view the page translated to english clicking the link placed in the top left of the page. Then you will recieve a email but after receiveng this message with your password you have to go to the page in the original italian language, because otherwise it gives you an error. And then you have to be able to see the download page.

              tell me if you get it
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                Hey thanks. I am able to log into the site. I also got the code but again i found that the code is written by taking points and colors to create the shapes. I need some codes in which the shapes are created by taking colored images somewhat in this way,
                colorImage[0] = TrackPicture.loadImage("./images/square_red.png", 29, 29);
                          colorImage[1] = TrackPicture.loadImage("./images/square_blue.png", 29, 29);
                          colorImage[2] = TrackPicture.loadImage("./images/sqaure_yellow.png", 29, 29);
                          colorImage[3] = TrackPicture.loadImage("./images/sqaure_green.png", 29, 29);

                These are the images and by taking co-ordinates they are joined to create shapes. I have tried combining them through the paint( drawImage )method. Please give me some solutions if you have. Thanks in advance.