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    Secure Communication (Cliente authentication)


      I'm trying to do a secure communication between a MHP application and a Server, so both sides of the communications have to be authenticated using certificates.
      As the MHP 1.1.2 specification says, I have to use the class DVBKeyManagerFactory but I got one exception due to the algorithm that I specify, this is my code:
        kmf =  (DVBKeyManagerFactory) DVBKeyManagerFactory.getInstance(java.security.Security.getProperty("ssl.KeyManagerFactory.algorithm"));
      The exception:

      Algorithm SunX509 not available.

      I have tried specifying different algorithms that, theoretically, the provider which my STB implements (Sun 1.42) has, but I got the same exception.

      It´s worthly to say that despite the deco uses a MHP 1.1.2, which brings itself the libraries for the DVBKeyManagerFactory, I had to include them to the project (not like libraries but classes) because it seems like they are not included in it.

      Has somebody done something similar?? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!