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    HStaticText or another component more complex

      hi, i'm newbie in dtv programming world and i'm looking for a graphic component where to put text retrieved from a file.
      i saw the HStaticText component:

      textbox = new HStaticText("text", 100, 100, 400, 400, new Font("Tiresias", Font.BOLD, 22), Color.yellow, colors[0], new HDefaultTextLayoutManager());

      and in this way the text is correctly displayed, but without any check on textoverflow.
      so i try to use in the previous declaration DVBTextLayoutManager() class as textmanager that (as a tutorial says) manage the overlflow showing a "()", but nothing is displayed.
      what's wrong with this manager?
      anyway.... are there other more complex text components able to manage text overflow or (maybe) with an integrated scrollbar?

      thanks and bye