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    a free java based middleware for DVB STB..


      few days ago, we launched a first snapshot of a project called JTVOS.

      it's a wannabe porting of SUN GPL java VM (PBP phoneme 1.1) on a Dreambox DVB decoder.

      actually the only demo java application prints on the tv screen "hello world" and the IP address of the box (useful to get in after DHCP!)

      the long term aim is toward a complete interactive STB useful for experiments and closed user group. with all the features we give as granted in its fully blown big brothers.

      so a javatv implementation is on the map. only some miles far!
      the web site is here (sorry for the ugly handcrafted html..)


      some info about it on the linux-dvb archive:


      hope not to be too off topic


      andrea venturi
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          Hi all!

          We are back again with a newer release of JTVOS, Cineca free interactive digital television middleware based on the
          GPL Sun java virtual machine PhoneMe https://phoneme.dev.java.net/.

          Here there are some screenshots of this middleware in action on a retail Linux based STB, DgStation Cubecafe 250S:


          Here you can get some more info and the complete source code tarball:


          The source package is a big file, 300MB, but you won't need to download from others source code repository to build all of it. The tarball includes even the gcc power pc cross compiler source code :-)

          If you flash a STB with this soft, at next restart, the box will get a dhcp address and will answer at telnet and ftp (user root, pwd relook) you can also login from the serial port. After the boot you will see a splash screen and the java menu where you can choose network configuration to learn the ip address got from the dhcp server using the remote control. see here for details:


          The navigator java application uses a SQL database with preselected some test frequencies from hotbird, astra and eurobird so, if you have a working dish pointed to 13 degree or 19.2 degree, you can search for services and then zap between them.

          The source code of the navigator is, of course, a good starting point to learn how to use jtvos API. Properly formatted docs will follow!

          Have fun!

          Andrea Venturi
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            thanks a lot , I have read the web, very well .
            this is a good project ,i like it ,
            and i want do something ,

            keep in touch!

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              Hello aventuri,

              Is it possible to rebuild JTVOS source to work on another STB (i.e. NXP PNX8950)? If yes could you outline main steps that I would have to take to perform this?
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                actually Jtvos is running on a power pc based system on chip.

                it should not be too difficult to port it on a different platform IF there's already a port of the underlying java phoneme advanced virtual machine.

                if this Nexperia STB is based on a MIPS architecture, as they say, you should have some hope! here they say that at least phoneme advanced MR1 is already supported:


                but i know there are many different MIPS flavours.. so your mileage may vary.

                try to check now if the MIPS port of this phoneme advanced MR2 is ok or less then complete.

                then, i believe, we are going to release an improved version later this month of JTVOS so you could get up from there and get the graphical application manager from there.

                BTW this nexperia board seems very DVB related (ts routing on board and descrambling..) but i didn't see it inside italian STB. is this a design already present on the market or something coming soon?

                it seems just a standard def. design, so it would not make such a big splash, if announced these days..


                andrea venturi