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    Overlay of image over graphics

      Can someone suggest how to add image as an overlay over video in xletview?
      These are the things I have tried:
      (a) Play the video as the background (change the settings.txt) instead of creating a Player instance. In this case, the video starts the moment xletview is started (before the application loads). In this case, image overlay is happening, however I couldn't figure out any way to operate upon the video, e.g. to start/stop, see the duration, current time etc.
      (b) Play the video as a JMF player. Here, I can stop (pause) and restart the video, but I couldn't figure out anyway to overlay the image. There are no exceptions, only thing is the image won't show up. And the moment I remove the video component, the image (which have been earlier added to the scene) pops up.
      Is it absolutely confirmed that (a) is the only way to overlay image on video? If so, are there ways to control the video when played as a background in xletview?