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    AT Commands with J2ME

      Hi all.

      Is posible send AT Commands with J2ME?, If it's posible how I can do it?.

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          Do you mean to a modem, or modem like device?

          If so, It depends on what I/O services that the underlying platform provides. I believe the proposed method is to specify the physical device using a (possibly platform dependent) URL, and get the stream associated with it. Once you have the stream, it is relatively easy to read and write to the stream.

          Unfortunately, I don't remember the convention (or even if there is one) for specifying a URL to a device like that. Hopefully there is platform documentation that might describe how.

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            Actually, the real name for the URL connected to a device is not URL but is URI
            anyway, check out the IETFs RFCs on HTTP (2616), URLs, and URIs.

            Try also using the Java COMM API, that has serial connection support.
            Also, try JavaPhone and Java Telecom API these all should have
            some support.

            Also, I have been replying to posts on the same type of questions on hardware-based
            programming in Java (in view of modems/hardware) in the Jini Technology and
            General Distributed Networking forums. Try doing a search.

            P.S. May I have some duke dollars?? Please?? Thank you for your support.
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              No, you cannot send AT commands from J2ME. This is because the AT command set is incredibly powerful and would allow you to access low level parts of the phone (such as making phone calls, accessing address book, etc); J2ME was designed to be secure, so Midlets (like applets) operate in a sandbox that protects the user from it accessing personal data and acting on its behalf without its knowledge.

              This doesn't mean it is not powerful, there are many things, like networking, screen manipulation, file storage, etc you can do but in order to access these features you must use the MIDP APIs.
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                hello to all,

                My Questions...... is the statement from spm24 still up to date?
                Or can i send AT- commands meantime over J2ME? (API�s)??

                best regards!!
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                  I am interested in something Similiar,

                  I wondering is it yet possible to have a Java Midlet running on a mobile phone, and for the Midlet to call an AT Command (on the phone itself)?

                  I appreciate any information you can provide me with.
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                    U can execute the AT commands via j2me
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                        Hi, I also got the same question, how do you execute the AT commands via j2me, thanks
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                          We can implement it using AT commands!