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    Data sending over RS232 to target hardware and also over the network

      Hi All,
      I have to design and develope an application for automated Test Suite.
      I will briefly explain you the requirement.Pls give me suggestions for design approch and developement.
      1. Basically the project is to automate the testing procedure. Test Case suite will be input of the system and will be targetted to target hardware.
      2. This test suite will be on one machine and we need to send the data on another machine. What mechanism I need to use for this. Like I am thinking of client server communication. Do I need to use RMI or serialization?
      3. Once the data is reached on machine where the target board is attached I need to format that data before sending it through RS232.I have developed a code to send the data over RS232 but I am not able to design the message frame to be sent. Can anybody help me.
      4. One important aspect of this design is we need to send acknowledgement or notification back to calee.
      Pls can anybody suggest me the best approch for this ASAP.
      Thanks in advance.