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    New Java SE for Embedded free evaluation releases available


      People who are reading this forum might be interested to know about
      Sun's new Java SE for Embedded releases that were recently (early
      May, just before [JavaOne 2008|http://java.sun.com/javaone/sf/index.jsp]) made available for free evaluation.

      All Java SE for Embedded free evaluations that are available at this time
      can be accessed through:


      Implementations are being provided for the following operating platforms:

      - Linux/ARM (3 versions)
      - Linux/MIPS (3 versions)
      - Linux/PowerPC (2 versions)
      - Linux/x86
      - Windows XP-Embedded

      What is Java SE for Embedded? It is essentially Java SE with many
      optional components removed to help reduce both RAM footprint and
      ROM/flash/disk footprint (making this product particularly suitable for
      deployment on high-end embedded devices). Since all components
      being required by the Java SE specification are available, Java SE for
      Embedded implementations are, indeed, Java SE compatible. This,
      also leads to an important benefit: portability of Java SE applications
      across both Java SE platforms and Java SE for Embedded platforms.

      When you select a Java SE for Embedded eval through the above URL,
      the download link will be provided to you after you fill out a quick survey
      and agree to a click-through, 90-days e-license.

      For more information about Sun's Java SE for Embedded product, please
      start at the main web page for this product:


      This page also includes a link through which you can contact Sun to submit
      any further questions about the Java SE for Embedded product.


      Carlos B. Lucasius
      Java SE Embedded and Real-Time Engineering
      Sun Microsystems, Inc.