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    database in j2me

      Hi. i'm new in j2me.
      im working in a project with j2me and i have to use a lot of information.

      I don't know how can i create database files and put them in a palm device.

      help me plz.
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          why do not try with the class RecordStore from javax.microedition.rms package?
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            The problem is that i have the information in a external database and i have to put them in the palm..
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              I use DB4O, Database for Objects, (www.db4o.com). It has a small footprint and uses query by example to retrieve objects from the db.

              If you want to have a relational database, I would recommend Pointbase (www.pointbase.com).
              The disadvantage is that you have to create all your tables by SQL-Statements.
              In DB4O you just put the object in the container.

              Hope this helps...

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                You've got more options now: www.openbasemovil.org and www.basemovil.com
                BaseMovil has a relational database engine with an easy to use JDBC-like API, an probably some SQL support in the future.
                It can store hundreds of thousands of rows, it has no built-in limits.
                But the best of it is that you have a lot more tools than just the database:
                - Basic things like compression, encryption, floating point support for CLDC1.0, serialization/deserialization, an MVC framework, and more.
                - A synchronization engine, that is able to create the database structure, populate it with the appropriate data and then update the database structure and data in a full duplex way, connecing then to a back-end service like Sap Business One, Microsoft Navision or whatever other system through a simple data interchange API. This is available in the commercial version only.
                - An ui toolkit, with ready to use data aware views that you define with an XML file and then bind to Row or RowSets and the do all the work, like navigation through RowSets or CRUD operations over ROWS.
                - Local connectivity to bluetooth enabled devices like printers, barcode scanners or GPS antennas.
                - A scripting engine.

                The open source version has everything from the commercial version but the synchronization engine. The open source version is free for GPL projects, but can be purchased under a commercial license if you want to build closed source applications.
                The commercial platform provides hosting, application distribution via OTA and billing. You just upload your database definition (an XML file), your application and start selling it. It is free for developers, as your customer will pay a small monthly fee for each device and you just share a fraction of the fee (you define the fee).

                Take a look at it, you even have a demo with microemu at http://www.basemovil.com/en/downloads so you can see what I mean. It runs better on real phones, but that can give you a very close approach.

                If you are interested you can contact us at info at elondra dot com.

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                  sir i am using the j2me for developing my mobile application i want the idead that which database to use to store the information plzzzzzzz help me and sir plz tell me in details plzzzzzz