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    Dependency between three lists


      I am trying to implement a dependency between three lists.

      Location && Industry && Manufacturer are dependent!

      For example:

      Manufacturer     Industry     Location
      MOTORJIHLAVA,     Automotive     ,Czech Rep.
      COMTE,     Automotive,     France,
      FENOX,     Automotive,     Belarus,
      NORTHSTAR,     Aerospace,     Canada
      NORTHSTAR WIND,     Aerospace,     Canada
      SHANGHAI_HUDON,     Aerospace,     Hong Kong
      LUFTHANSA,     Aerospace,     Ireland
      KNAAPO,     Aerospace,     Russia
      FORJAFRIO,     Bearing,     Brazil
      DAIWA,     Bearing,     Brazil
      EURO ESSEN,     Bearing,     Germany
      BAMAREC,     Bearing,     France
      ZWL SLOVAKIA,     Bearing,     Slovakia

      •     There is no order selection, meaning a location can be selected first then Manufacturer and finally Manufacturer, any order between the three lists is acceptable
      •     If selecting first the location a list with all countries should be displayed without redundancies, If we will pick up " France " as a Location, Then the Industry List should be populated only with the following values: " Automotive" &&"Bearing", and the Manufacturer list should carry two values " COMTE" && "BAMAREC", the second selection can be any, Industry or Manufacturer, but in this sample we will chose the Industry = " Automotive", which will Filter the Manufacturer List to only one value list Manufacturer=" COMTE"

      •     I am looking for the most efficient way to implement the above functionality!

      Hope the Q is clear enough, I'll appreciate any help,