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    Tracing in Tuxedo ART

      What are the debug capabilites of trying to debug a RECEIVE MAP FAIL error?

      I have looked at the stdout_strn log file, but its not giving me anything that I did not know

      I am looking for an ability to do something similar to a CICS Trace. Is there something like that in Tuxedo?

      I have also tried to add TMTRACE=atmi:/tpservice/ulog entry in the envfile of the application config/tux directory

      Basically whenver I load a BMS Map, I am getting a keyboard lock. I have tried to add a dummy field in the BMS map, I added
      DUMMY DFHMDF POS=(24,79), X
      LENGTH=1, X
      >> INITIAL=' '

      But it also results in a keyboard lock. After adding the BMS map dummy field, I have used tcxmapgen and then I re-compiled (preprocessing and compiling) the cobol source file. This did not fix the problem. I even checked the preprocessed file to see if the new dummy variable was in there, and it was, however it did not whelp

      Am I doing something wrong here?

      I am strill trying to debug this problem and I am running out of ideas.

      Any help is appreciated.


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