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    Cannot update a vacancy

      I am having trouble determining why a vacancy is not available for updating (the update pencil icon is greyed).

      I know of two scenarios that causes the pencil to be greyed.

      1. When someone started to update the vacancy and did not complete the process, and it is now in their "Saved for Later" area
      2. When an update has been submitted, and now is in the workflow waiting for approvals.

      However, when I have checked for both of these scenarios and they are not in play, I still find the update feature greyed. I suspect it is related to the number of applicants filled to the number of opening originally available on the vacancy. Am I on the right track? If so, please explain the relationship to the position being filled or over-filled to the update pencil not being available.

      Also, are there any other scenarios when the update feature would be greyed?