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    Setting up the Management Server

      Hi THere,

      I am trying to get the management server up and running and have gone through the configuration assistant no problem.

      My problem is, despite being able to look at the schema in standalone and add users, I can not log onto the enterprise manager via the log on screen when selecting Localhost management server? Strangly my SYS password works in Standalone but not on this screen!

      Having repeated the process of the configuration assistant, I can not see where I am advised of any valid password for this login screen.

      Is there a default password? What could I be doing wrong?

      Any advice would be gratefully recieved.


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          If management server is used, sysman is the correct userid and it has initially the password oem_temp. You will be forced to change it immediately.
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            hi all,

            i need some advice here. i managed to setup the management server on NT box. Now I'm trying to set it up on HP-UX. My question is, can it be done? i saw some docs and the first thing i need to do is key in the emca command on the command prompt. but i got some errors.

            the errors are as below,

            at oracle.ewt.lwAWT.BufferedFrame._init(Unknown Source)
            at oracle.ewt.lwAWT.BufferedFrame.(Unknown Source)
            at oracle.sysman.vto.VtoWizardFrame.(VtoWizardFrame.java:145)
            at oracle.sysman.vto.VtoWizardApplication.(VtoWizardApplication.java:51)
            at oracle.sysman.vto.VtoWizardApplication.(VtoWizardApplication.java:46)
            at oracle.sysman.vte.repmgr.RepositoryMgrApp.(RepositoryMgrApp.java:179)
            at oracle.sysman.vte.repmgr.RepositoryMgrApp.main(RepositoryMgrApp.java:105)

            any idea how or where i should fix this? apprecaite it if anyone can help. thanks