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    OMS log on

      Hello friends,

      One specific question for OMS; after I change the password of sysman at the first use, I can not log on again with the password. I checked the intelligent agent which is automatically started, OMS database repository are athe same hard disk. it is 9.0.1 Oracle in Windows 2000. I'll appreciate your suggestions ?

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          Chris Slattery
          What about the Management Service ?
          is it up ?
          There should be a Metalink note about resetting the SYSMAN password if lost or forgotten....
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            How can I check if the OM service is active or not ?
            Thank you
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              When u configure OMS, a service is automatically created and gets started. See whether the service is running or not .

              Service Name looks like "OracleOraHome90ManagementServer"

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                This service was started by me manually and now the I can be logging on.
                For Windows 2000, it is in 'Administrative Tools' of Control Panel, in the 'Services', as OracleOraHome90ManagementServer . I started manually, it failed couple of times before, but it worked fine this time. The reason I guess some of Oracle programs should be let out to have connection with internet.
                Thank you so much, guys