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    Commands in SQL*Plus Worksheet

      I'm, looking for some information on the SQL*Plus Worksheet (v9.

      Is there a possibility to log on directly when starting the application by the "oemapp.bat worksheet" link?
      Perhaps like the Command-line version with "username/passwd@tnsname" parameter?. I tried it without success.

      Is it possible to create a sql file which is executed on every start of the app?

      Which commands in the style of "set wrap", "set linesize"
      exist? I have a table with a 2000 char remark column and when I do a select on it, it wraps the lines and makes the result unreadable. When I disable wrap, I have to scroll endless for the next column (when its displayed).
      Is it possible to define that it does not wrap and displays the lets say 30 first chars of every column?

      Any help is appreciated.
      Thank you,