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      Anybody can help me?
      We are going to implement EDI with on of our trading partner. We will send and receive EDI message file over the value added network. Anybody can guide me how we will propgate/manipulate this message into our database in oracle and how we will map and translate edi message for outbound as well. we are using oracle 9i and forms 6i. Please can anyone clear step by step.

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          What was you solution??
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            It's best to use an EDI Translator tool for what you are doing if you are not already. This would take any EDI X12 or EDIFACT document and tranlate it to ie: XML. Then using a transformation tool like from InterConnect or ProcessConnect you can do the transformation. The EDI translator is available shortly with Oracle App Server. If you are interested in a preview please a note to jeffrey.hutchins@oracle.com.
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              Could you please expand on this point? We are using a custom built application to translate messages published on a Tibco bus into EDI messages and send them to a VAN or to a trading partner directly. I am trying to see whether we can replace it with an off-the-shelf product (or suit of products) and Oracle ProcessConnect or Interconnect look like something we could use, but I cannot get a full picture. Maybe you could point me to a high level overview of how the Oracle products can be used as building blocks to implement B2B using EDI?

              Thank you.

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                Oracle has recently released a product called PartnerConnect which will do what you are asking for. PartnerConnect is, essentially, the B2B protocol engine from ProcessConnect which has been decoupled and productized to run as a stand alone solution for B2B type integration. Not only does it provide the EDI doc translations, it also allows you to fully define you trading partner interface including message packaging, signing, security, even the public process choreography.

                Have a look on OTN\product centers\application server integration. You'll find a document there which describes the ProcessConnect for you in more detail.
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                  We use Interconnect for many flows and we have know to integrate a new B2B flow based on SAP IDOC

                  We are very interrested in the PartnerConnect tool for EDI.
                  But does the product manage SAP IDOC format ?
                  Or does we have to buy a specific SAP adaptor ?

                  Thanks for your answer
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                    Integration B2B (PartnerConnect) and InterConnect are tightly integrated and there's an SAP adapter available for InterConnect. Your architecture would then look as follows:

                    EDI --> PartnerConnect --> InterConnect --> SAP Adapter --> SAP

                    The InterConnect SAP adapter supports the SAP BAPI and ALE framework, so sending and receiving iDocs is no problem at all. For more information about the SAP adapter, please try:

                    PartnerConnect supports all common EDI standards. For more information about PartnerConnect, please try:

                    Hope this is helpful.



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                      Thank you for your answer.

                      Could you clarify how the messages can be received from Tibco Rendezvous in order to be processed by PartnerConnect or ProcessConnect?

                      Thank you.

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                        I am the Product Manager for OracleAS Integration B2B

                        Refer to http://ias.us.oracle.com

                        Under AS Components Tab

                        You will fined a technical presentation and the Data Sheets

                        We are AS2 Cetified, and can support a VAN via SMTP/FTP/HTTP.

                        We can receives the EDI Native document, valdiate it, and automatically translate it into XML if required.
                        hope this helps,

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                          Hi Jeff,

                          Thank you for the info. Unfortunately the link does not work :-(

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                            I'd like to see the documents at the http://ias.us.oracle.com Url.
                            But this is a private Oracle Url.
                            So ?
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                              The product PartnerConnect seems to be very interesting to do B2B !
                              But when does the product will be released ?
                              Is it possible to get a beta-version ?
                              Is there more documentation on the product than the Data sheet ?

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                                The B2B product is available today. A new version with full EDI functionality is due for next release, currently scheduled to be out in next month or so.

                                If you are a potential customer, feel free to contact your Oracle contact (A/C Manager) and ask about OracleAS Integration B2B. Tell her/him to talk to OracleAS Integration. (S)he may contact us directly.

                                Anshu Sharma
                                OracleAS Integration

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                                  Where can I find standard detailed documentat about PartnerConnect? I am a bonified Oracle customer licensed to use 10g AS EE. I have checked both Metalink, OTN, and my supplied documentation disk. Please help! I wish to use this product.
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                                    Can anyone lead to detailed documentation for PartnerConnect. Thanks
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