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    Cannot startup/shutdown database in EM

      My environment: Windows 2000, Server with Oracle 10g.

      I logged in as local administrator and installed Oracle and created a database.
      At this time the local administrator had no windows password. The oracle passwords were set.
      I imported about 34GB data from Oracle 9i dump-files.
      Then I wanted to use Enterprise Manager (EM).
      The password for an OS-user is here mandatory, I could not use any feature where an identification of the OS-User is necessary (i.e. export).
      I changed the local administrator’s account and gave him a password.
      Now I can use the export function of EM but I cannot shutdown or startup the database in the EM. When I log on with SYS as SYSDBA and want to use shutdown I will get the following message:
      500 Internal Server Error

           at oracle.sysman.emo.adm.instance.changeState.ChangeStateObject.setOsUserPassword(ChangeStateObject.java:307)

           at oracle.sysman.emo.adm.instance.changeState.ChangeStateObject.setHostSecretPassword(ChangeStateObject.java:1991)

           at oracle.sysman.emSDK.creds.DBComboCredsBean.setSecretPassword(DBComboCredsBean.java:92)

           at oracle.sysman.emo.adm.instance.changeState.ChangeStateObject.setSecretPassword(ChangeStateObject.java:1970)

           at oracle.sysman.eml.creds.CredsUtil.loadCreds(CredsUtil.java:1223)

      I created another (second) 10g database instance (as local administrator with password) and the EM functions startup/shutdown worked for this instance.
      Obviously the absence of the OS-password during creation of my first database is the reason for the above shown error.
      I installed Oracle 10g on another computer where the local administrator had a password. All works normally there.

      My question:
      Is there anywhere a configuration file where I can change something so that I can use EM startup/shutdown for my first database or do I need to drop this database and create it again?