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Java RTS 2.2 GA released - free evals available for Solaris, Linux

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People who are reading this forum might be interested to know that, today,
Sun released the General Availability (GA) version of Java Real-Time System
(Java RTS) 2.2, and that free evaluation versions are available for downloading:

# []
# []

When you select a Java RTS 2.2 eval through the latter link, the download link
will be sent to you by e-mail after you fill out and submit a quick survey. As part
of the download process, you'll also need to agree to the terms of a click-through
evaluation e-license -- an academic license for evaluators at any educational
institutions and a 90-day license for any other evaluators.

The supported platforms for Java RTS 2.2 are:

# Solaris10 (SPARC, x86), Update 6 and 7
# Linux (x86), SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time and RedHat Enterprise MRG

For both OS categories, Java RTS 2.2 provides both 32-bit and a 64-bit support.
For more information on OS support and new features/functionality introduced in
Java RTS 2.2, please see the Release Notes for Java RTS 2.2:

# []

For the full collection of in-depth technical product documentation for Java RTS 2.2,
please start at:

# []

Relative to Java RTS 2.1, Java RTS 2.2 provides various important enhancements
-- including the following:

# 64-bit support for the supported platforms. In addition to 64-bit support,
32-bit support continues to be provided

# Faster throughput -- Java RTS 2.2 includes the new C1 compiler targeted for
Java SE 7 which contains several performance improvements including a new
register allocator

# Various tools enhancements, including:
- - - TSV (Thread Scheduling Visualizer). The following improvements have been added:
- - - - - - Ability to monitor a live VM without special options
- - - - - - Per-CPU view
- - - - - - Thread-ID based coloring scheme
- - - - - - Thread migration and lock contention summary generation
- - - - - - TSV recording advanced-user support
- - - NetBeans plug-in support for Java RTS and TSV

# New Initialization-Time-Compilation (ITC) options. Enhancements include:
- - - Wild card support for denoting a set of methods vs single method
- - - Support for specifying compilation based on thread type

# RTGC auto-tuning and startup improvements

# New documentation, including a Java RTS Quick Start Guide to get new users started
more easily

# Bug fixes and clean-up

If you would like to send Java RTS related questions or feedback to Sun, here are some ways
in which you can do so:

- To submit new feature requests (for future Java RTS releases):

- To submit evaluation feedback (report issues, bugs, etc.):

- To submit product inquiries (request general product info, licensing info, etc.):


Carlos B. Lucasius
Java SE Embedded and Real-Time Engineering
Sun Microsystems, Inc.


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