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    RTS 2.1 Heap


      is the heap memory in RTS 2.1 the same as in J2SE? Or was there anything changed, maybe to make the allocation times more predictable?

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          JavaRTS comes with a new Real-Time Garbage Collector:

          Its focus is to reduce the huge GC pause times. The targeted "pause" times are in the hundreds of microseconds .

          Note that, for performance reasons, we have kept a fast allocation path in the compiled code (using Thread Local Buffers).
          If you allocate big objects or when the Thread Local Buffer overflows, the allocation is a slower (but the worst case execution
          time is still bounded if the heap is not exhausted).

          Thus, the execution time of each "new" call may vary a bit. However, after a few new() call, the total execution time jitter
          is negligible.

          Bertrand Delsart.