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    RTSJ and SMP


      Again I apologize for the relatively naive questions I ask as I am new to the platform. I was wondering whether the RTSJ takes advantage of multiprocessors on an RTOS that has realtime support for SMT. Since the RTSJ appears to use the underlying scheduling mechanism of the OS to perform its actual scheduling, my intuition is that it would in fact take advantage of SMT capabilities. But a confirmation would be nice.

      Thanks in advance.
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          The RTSJ, as a specification, was written with uniprocessors in mind, but without precluding implementation on multi-processors. Some parts of the spec actually need a little adjustment when considering multi-processors.

          However implementations of the RTSJ have always been free to run on multi-processors. Sun's Java RTS has done so since day one, as has the reference implementation.

          David Holmes
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