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    jmx with java real time

      Hi David,
      my question for now is very general.
      can we use jmx with jrts???
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          Hi Gabi,

          The general answer is, it depends.

          Some of the JMX facilities are incompatible with aspects of the real-time VM and having the VM operate in real-time. We have a little documentation in the "T3" guide:


          As noted there we have some additional "beans" to provide information about the RTGC.

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            Hi Gabi,

            Some additional information:
            - JavaRTS does support the JMX protocol
            - JavaRTS supports most of the monitoring & management functionalities provided
            by HotSpot MBeans
            - some functionalities are disabled by default because they would create jitter (like
            getting the stack trace of java threads). Default can be changed through the
            realtime.debug MBean)
            - JavaRTS comes with a few additional realtime specific monitoring beans.

            Note that JMX relies on threads to do its work. These threads are not real-time.
            Hence, if the realtime threads (including the RTGC) are consumming all the CPU,
            you may not be able to call MBeans to see what is happening and take corrective actions.

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              Thanks for this information