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    wild card characters support for PreCompilation list of classes in RTSJ?


      I am generating a precompilation list for methods and classes (ITC.preinit for class is generated and nhrt.precompile for methods are generated). I done this because i dont want the compilation jitter in between the execution..... So i generate these list and load these lists.

      Now class list contents are look like following


      file also includes class name for my application.

      I actually want to give wild card character ie " * " with the package name so that it will load all the classes under package mentioned....can anyone tell me whether i can do that or not ....ie RTSJ provides this support or not????
      or how i can do that???????????

      Actually problem with the existing format that file generated is too long and everytime i add new classes and methods i ve to regenerate the file ...due to this reason i need solution like following

      For Example ---> java/lang/*
      Compiler should load all classes under the package java.lang before execution....

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          Sorry, but no, wildcards are not supported for preload/init or precompile lists.

          Wildcards can easily cause problems, and would have to be used with great care. For example, preloading all classes/types in a package could load and initialize them in an order that is impossible under normal runtime conditions and that could lead to initialization failures - which is why the generated lists maintain the order in which things actually occurred. Precompilation is safer but if you precompiled everything you're likely to run out of memory - there are potentially three different compiled versions of each method (for JLT, RTT and NHRT) and a normal run of a program would only compile a small fraction of the methods defined in an entire package.

          Regeneration of the lists is presently the only option.

          David Holmes