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    jrt on solaris 10 u5

      we intend to run our JRT on ibm platform.
      we have an ibm machine system 3650.
      we try to install solaris 10 u 4 and it failed (the installation failed)
      so the next step was to install solaris 10 u 5 and it was succesed but there is no jrt for update 5.
      is there any soloution or intention to install jrt on solaris u 5????

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          S10u5 will be officially supported in our 2.1 GA release, which is due at the end of July. If there is an earlier release candidate made available then I expect it to be there too.

          Meanwhile you can still install the SUNWrtjc package on S10u5 by telling the install to ignore the version mismatch. We are not aware of anything that would cause the cyclic driver to operate incorrectly on S10u5 even though not explicitly compiled for that version of Solaris. Of course we can not officially support this configuration.

          If you have a Sun support contact then they may be able to assist further.

          David Holmes
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            Thanks for this information