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    Question of State of Java RTS

      While reading recent Java blogs and the likes, I stumbled across a [post on improvements to Java|http://paulhammant.com/blog/at-least-one-unilateral-improvement-to-java.html]. In it, it mentions a [presentation |http://www.adacore.com/wp-content/files/attachments/PaperPresentationAE2006-Brosgol.pdf]comparing Java and ADA, that talks about concerns about Java in the RTS sense in context of DoD 178B.

      It indicates the need for "named parameter" and related concerns.

      Since this presentation is a few years old...I am curious, are these concerns still true? Would these be suggestions for improving Java RTS?

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          The presentation is not very old - only 2006. The concerns are still true as the Java language and the RTSJ have not changed - neither Java or the RTSJ are compliant with DoD 178B. As the presentation indicates a new JSR (now known as JSR-302) was put together to define "safety-crtiical Java" which is a subset of Java and the RTSJ. There are different levels in 302 and depending on the level different language/runtime/API features are disallowed. JSR-302 is still under development.

          Re the comment about "named parameters" - Java doesn't have them and is not likely to ever have them. They prevent certain classes of programming error from arising eg: method declared as foo(int x, int y) and is accidentally invoked as foo(my_y, my_x) thus passing the parameters in the wrong order. Named parameters require the call to be made as foo(x=my_x, y=my_y) and so the order is irrelevant. It's hardly foolproof though, you can still do foo(x=a, y=b) when you should have done foo(x=b, y=a).

          Edited to add: Having just read that blog entry I don't think he's talking about the same kind of "named parameters" - at least I couldn't recognize them from the blog.

          Check out JSR-302 via the jcp.org website for more info.

          David Holmes (JSR-282 EG Member)

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