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    Netbeans Modules vs Netbeans 6.0


      I'm preparing a demo for Netbeans Conference in Poland (Netbeans RoadShow Poland) about Java Real Time Systems. I will talk about JRTS but at the end (since it is NB conference) I would like to show some examples in action developed and deployed on Netbeans.

      I found this module pack http://www.netbeans.org/kb/articles/java-rts.html but after trying installing all of the three modules that where inside modulepack one of them could not be installed on Netbeans 6.0. I've checked requirements and it is said :

      * NetBeans 5.0
      * JDK 5.0
      * 8 MB of available space to install the modules

      So right now I'm downloading Netbeans 5.5 but I think it would be ncier to show it on latest version of Netbeans. Did any of you encountered this problem? Maybe authors of the plugin are here?

      Any help will be appreciated
      Paul Szulc