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      • 15. Re: ILOM "set: unable to configure network" error

        Thank you again for your reply. I truly appreciate your discussions. However I believe you missed the initial configuration that I desire. I do want the static setting for ipdiscovery and yes I've tried to enable that. No I do not want dhcp so setting this will not help.

        Bottom line, I've attempted to

        set state=enable
        set ipdiscovery=static
        set ipaddress=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
        set ipgateway=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
        set ipnetmask=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
        set commitpending=true

        the commit pending on this server's ILOM will not configure the network. Why I don't know... will be contacting SUN for further troubleshooting.

        Thanks again for willing to help.

        • 16. Re: ILOM "set: unable to configure network" error
          One thing you can try is reset the ILOM to the factory default and try again set the network :
          set /SP reset_to_defaults=all
          You are going to loose all your settings but if you have some data properties corrupted it will perhaps
          solve your problem.

          • 17. Re: ILOM "set: unable to configure network" error
            Given that one has to use TFTP on the SP to update firmware, it's not even possible to update it without being able to configure the interface.
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