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    Ultra 5 will not boot from DVD ROM :(


      I just got a new Ultra 5 and replaced the CD-ROM with an LG DVD-ROM (approved and listed in Sun HCL). Got the DVD-ROM installed to install Solaris 10. Im just learning and new to Solaris installation.

      When I insert a Solaris 10 DVD I see that it gets mounted and File Manager opens and displays the ISO files.

      However, when I get into OBP to try to install the via the DVD I get bad magic number and checksum errors (boot cdrom -install give same errors) -

      ok boot cdrom -s

      Boot device: /pci@1f, 0/pci@1,1/ide@3/cdrom@2,0:f File and args: -s
      Bad magic number in disk label
      Can't open disk label package

      Can't open boot device

      Bad checksum in disklabel
      Can't open disk label package
      Boot device: net File and args:
      Network Link setup failed
      Please Check Cable and Try AAgain.
      Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet.


      Could some one please let me know what could be wrong and step by step procedures to fix this?

      Please help!

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          Also here is the output of my probe-ide

          ok probe-ide
          Device 0 ( Primary Master )
          ATA Model : WDDC WD136AA

          Device 1 ( Primary Slave )
          ATA Model: Maxtor 52049H4

          Device 2 ( Secondary Master )
          Removable ATAPI Model: HL-DT-STDVD-RAM GH22LP20

          Device 3 ( Seconday Slave )
          Not Present

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            try to see if the boot cdrom gives you the same physical path as that of DVDROM, if not try using the

            boot <physical path of the CDROM in show-devs output> -s
            to see if that boots.

            If you can boot from above the device alias for the CDROM is incorrect and need to fix it for boot cdrom to work.