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    Ultra10 -keyboard, no mouse

      I have been given an ultra10 with Solaris 8 (more like it was dumped on me!). I have a keyboard but no mouse. Is it impractical to learn using this system without a Sun mouse? Can I put any old PCI USB card in and get a usb mouse working? Any suggestions about an easy to use+ set up linux distro?
      And any way to easily update the Openboot firmware?
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          Before anyone starts to give suggestions on what to look for,
          why don't you tell us what research you have already done?

          Please feel free to give web links and document titles.
          Have you searched these forums?
          Have you read the Ultra 10's documentation?
          Have you searched the Internet?
          Have you taken the cover off the chassis?

          A suggesstion for an OS ?
          Sure !