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    Ultra 25 with country kit

      I have an Ultra 25 in the US. I would like to use a Portuguese (Portugal) keyboard with it. The country kit I ordered came with a Type 7 Port. keyboard. When I connect via the USB port, not all the keys are recognized correctly. For example, the "Z" and "Y" are reversed. I think my Ultra 25 is still expecting a US keyboard..How can I tell? How can I configure the Ultra 25 to expect the Portuguese keyboard?

      It is a SPARC Ultra 25 running Solaris 10.

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          Type 7 Keyboards have dip switches on the back... these must be set correctly for the specific country. After setting the switches to the correct values, the keys were recognized correctly.
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            at least the Type-5 to Type-6 keyboards used a dip switch to set the locale/layout. This setting is read during power-up (device probing phase) by the OBP.

            I had "lost" my printout of the older keyboards (Type-5, Type-5c) switch settings, otherwise I had posted my reply earlier.

            If the Type-7 keyboard uses this dip switch too, please check the setting. It should be located either at the back or underside of the keyboard.

            The rightmost 4 positions (2,3,4,5) are the lower-significant-bits (value 8,4,2,1). The single position (1) on the right is the value 1 (if set) of the most-significant-bits, the value 2 is hardwired enabled.

            The values for the locale/layout are between HEX 23 for french and 3F for french canadian.

            Portuguese layout is HEX 29 (switch 2 and 5 set/ON).

            Hope this helps.


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