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    Sun Ultra 25 - Bad magic number in disk label

      I have a Sun Ultra 25 SPARC that is booting fine to it's 80GB SATA drive. Solaris 10, OpenBoot 4.22.19.

      Here's what I did:
      I installed a 2TB Western Digital SATA drive into the HDD1 slot.
      I formatted the disk in the HDD1 slot via the format command, labeled the disk, and divided it into partitions.
      I then used newfs to build the ufs on all partitions.
      I mirrored the disk in HDD0 to the disk in HDD1 using ufsdump for all partitions. The data is accessible and looks ok.
      After this was done I did an installboot to /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s0 (the / partition of the HDD1 slot).
      I then did a fsck on every partition to verify that they are okay.
      I then took the hard drive in HDD1 and put it in the HDD0 slot, now wanting to boot off that disk.

      At the reboot:
      Bad magic number in disk label
      Can't open disk label package

      If I do a probe-scsi:
      MPT Version 1.05, Firmware Version

      Target 0
      Unit 0 Disk ATA WDC WD20EADS-00R0A01 3907029168 Bocks, 2000 GB SATA device PhyNum 0

      As far as I can tell disk0 is the correct devalias which is:

      I just don't understand how the fsck is okay, but the boot give bad magic number in disk label?
      The 80GB drive in HDD slot 0 works fine with the boot disk0 command, all I'm doing is swapping a larger disk with the same data for the smaller disk.