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    Can't even Boot UltraSPARC 10

      I recently acquired an old UntraSPARC 10. I've hooked up a keyboard and a monitor (and of course it has power), but I can't get it to do anything. It beeps once when I turn on the power and the light on the keybopard flash, the CD drive spins a little. Then nothing. Nothing appears on the screen. None of the keys light up when I hit them, nothing. I've checked to make sure all daughterboards are seated correctly, and they are.

      Where do I go from here?
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          Is _this_ the computer system you are discussing?

          The proper keyboard port is on the rear of the chassis, next to the 3.5mm audio jacks, and is NOT any miscellaneous round port on an adapter card.
          The computer requires a Sun-branded keyboard.
          A PeeCee keyboard will not work.
          It additionally requires that a Sun-branded mouse be plugged into the underside of the keyboard. (no mouse? no video output to a monitor)

          Your monitor will need to be capable of displaying the Sun default resolution of 1152x900 at a vertical refresh of 66Hz.

          If you continue to have no display then you can only investigate the system by connecting another computer to it through the primary serial port. Such connections have been discussed over and over and over again in these Hardware Forums. You can also review the [Ultra 10's documentation at Docs.Sun.Com|http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/coll/ultra10?l=en] .

          (Then again, there is the possibility that the system is truly broken and just doesn't work.)
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            Yes that is the computer system I am discussing. I know not to use a PC keyboard. I have a type 5, but I have no mouse, so I'm sure thats probably the problem.

            Another question.

            My roomate and I want to use this as a little shell account server, is there a way we can make it boot without a mouse and keyboard?
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              Sure, that's the default.
              All console output goes out the TTYa port (serial port #1).

              Again, you'll need to establish a connection to that through a null modem cable from another computer's serial port. [TeraTerm would be your best terminal program|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tera_Term] for such investigation.
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                Is the monitor plugged into the large, flat, graphics card with a funny connector at the back. If its only plugged into the default on-board motherboard graphics port that may well be the source of your woe's right there. You need a pretty old monitor for that graphics port and the large flat card plugged into the advanced graphics port (AGP) is a single, light-brown slot. If you are missing the connector, then you'll have to find one best bet is e-Bay.

                I recently acquired an Ultra 5 & an Ultra 10, the Ultra 5 did not have the AGP card, the Ultra 10 did, so you can imagine how I spent my afternoon, swiping and swapping bits then downloaded Fatdog64 Linux loaded it onto a bootable CD and hey presto, it's cooking with gas.

                The single beep is a given, it's working, you just need the connector and I am afraid I don't know what it's called but perhaps another helpful soul will know!?

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