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    Problem with ILOM

      Hi Sun!
      ILOM on my Sun Blade 6000 Chassis and Blade Server x6250 is not good. Problem following:

      Sun Blade 6000 Chassis: I cannot log in again when i don't log in to ILOM about 2 week and cannot ping to IP of CMM module . I must log in use console cable thought serial port and restart CMM, after that it's back to normal. Problem again when I don't log in to ILOM about 2 week.

      Blade Server x6250: problem is the same with Sun Blade 6000 Chassis. I can log in to ILOM but it's very slow, i can't not use redirection. After restart SP, ILOM back to normal.

      Please help me solve this problem!

      Version on chassis and blade
      Sun Blade 6000 Chassis: ILOM

      CMM Firmware Version
      CMM Firmware Build Number     30353
      CMM Firmware Date     Wed Mar 19 20:58:45 PDT 2008
      CMM Filesystem Version     0.1.14

      Blade Server x6250: ILOM

      SP Firmware Version
      SP Firmware Build Number     36279
      SP Firmware Date     Tue Aug 26 11:17:53 PDT 2008
      SP Filesystem Version     0.1.17