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    x6250 blades

      I have the dongle adapter for the two blades in my chassis; how do I setup and load an OS on them, like one of the W2K8 R2 server? Do I need to located a USB DVD drive or is there a better way of doing this...?
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          We also have the X6250 blades and always connect an external USB DVD drive to load an OS....
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            I usually use set an IP for the ILOM interface of the blade and then mount an ISO-file from that.
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              OK, which interface is the ILOM interface, and how do we determine what the IP of it currently is, and how to set it if we don't know it. I don't know any of these questions, that's why I ask.
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                Basically you want to:
                1) conntect via serial interface to the CMM (chassi) ans set an IP-address of the chassi ILO.
                2) SSH to the chassi IP-address from a PC
                3) use the CLI to set the ILO IP-address of each blade
                4) From the same PC you now should be able to set surf to the CMM and each blade :)
                5) Use the redirect function available in the ILO to access the BIOS, mount an .iso image and so on...

                However, start browsing the Sun supportpages for each step...

                Good Luck!

                I promise setting up the ILO is worth the time... at least that is my experience...

                As a start this is a link to one type of blade but I think the ILO IP-address is configured in the same way on all bladetypes :
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                  I was able to connect with the serial cable, and I logged in fine, assigned an IP address and then attempted to update the ILOM from 1.1.8 to 3.1.2 and the CMM now appears dead and I cannot access it. All lights are out and it is stuck on FRUTOOL.

                  Any advice?