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    Sun Blade 150

      I purchased this sun blade from e-bay and since the vendor cannot have it loaded with solaris, due to some copyright issue from Sun.

      Anyways my problem I have a Sun blade Ultra Sparc IIi 650 MHz with 1 GB RAM. - 2 Dimms, DVD drive

      I want to install Solaris 10 OS - I have downloaded the image and made a DVD of the same.

      When I power on the blade - I see the ttya error and keyboard not found.
      Connected the UNIX keyboard --as i have purchased for my specific purpose/application.
      But this failed

      Used a normal Dell/HP USB keyboard and the error rested at Time out ARP/Tarp something.

      Got a serial cable i.e. DB9 to work with a hyperterminal using another Dell PC with Win XP but nothing worked

      Saw a post where in one admin said -- one needs a special cable to connect the J13 port on the riser board and the serial cable to access ttyb i.e. serial port B
      Serial A is used by console/monitor.

      Kindly help me start on this and get to a point where I can do some instalation.