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    Beginner to Unix wishing to set up a sun blade 2000.

      Hi there, i'm a beginner to unix operating systems and i want to set up a sun blade 2000 that i got for a very good price. I have Sun Solaris DVD but i'm not so sure how to use it.

      I want to use the computer as a private dynamic web server and for certain applications like, connectivity, gaming and development. I do understand that it uses a sparc CPU and heard of wine, but i see it would need a CPU/computer emulator. I would also like to set up remote desktop for it so that i can use it from anywhere i want without having to travel so often.

      it has 2 Ultrasparc 3 CPUs with an old industrial graphics card that i cant remember and is a x64 system. It was used in geophysics interpretation and simulation before so it should be a good graphics card. It would be too expensive if i were to buy a new graphics card for commonly used computers that would fit the specs of what i would want to do.

      I have also previously tried to set it up but ended up in failure when many applications just wouldnt compile on it since they didnt have cc or gcc and i'm not even sure how to set it up. Many times the Solaris explorer would just crash and i end up having to reboot it. I also noticed that the task manager happens to not be there but not when i used the intel version for it on another computer.

      I'm a college student wishing to make full use of it for my graphical editing and computing studies. I would also want to learn more about other not-so-common computers to learn more about computers in general and how it developed.

      I'd also like to know where can i find the ntfs driver for Sun solaris and how to set it up so that it works as easy as it does on linux.

      Thank you. Any help would be wonderful

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