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    how to iSCSI boot a T6340 SPARC server blade in SunBlade 6000 enclosure?

      I have a SunBlade 6000 enclosure with a T6340 SPARC server blade and an X6250 server blade, but without any internal disks and no storage blades.
      Can anyone suggest a way to make the blades boot off of an iSCSI target?

      On the T6340 I have:

      Hypervisor Version: Hypervisor 1.7.2.a 2009/05/05 19:33
      OBP Version: OBP 4.30.2.b 2009/06/16 07:04
      POST Version: POST 4.30.2 2009/04/21 10:03
      SysFW Version: Sun System Firmware 7.2.2.e 2009/06/19 10:22
      Host Status: OpenBoot Primary Boot Loader