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    x6450 network performance issue

      We are seeing a network performance issue using the Blade 6000 chassis with two (10x 1 Gbps Ethernet) NEM modules. The x6450 blades in the chassis have Solaris 10 u7 installed. In our tests, we used two blades in the following manner: each blade had only one network interface connected (and plumbed in the OS level) and each blade was connected to a different NEM. Both blades were connected to the same gigabit switch. There were two other test systems (x2270-s) also connected to the same switch. We ran the following tests:

      both the application client and server are on the same blade (i.e. application is using the loopback network interface): n operations/second (the number here is irrelevant, only the relation to other test numbers are relevant)
      application client on first blade, server on second blade: 0.77 x n operations / second (i.e. 23% degradation)
      application client on blade, server on x2270: 0.77 x n operations /second (i.e. 23% degradation)
      application client on x2270, server on blade: 0.75 x n operations /second (i.e. 25% degradation)

      We ran similar tests with the x2270. We did not see any difference between running the test on the loopback interface vs. running the test between two x2270-s.

      Is there a known issue with these network modules or their drivers?

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