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    Blade 6000 email elerts from ILOM


      I have setup the email client in the ILOM to send to our SMTP server at my address if any events occur. I was going to use SNMP but it looks like it will take an act of congress to build an SNMP service and set it all up. I also set up the trigger that is suppose to send to my address and when I hit the test button nothing comes to my email client. I did use the IP that was associated with smtp.gmail.com in the client setup screen.

      Any idea why the email client doesn' t work?
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          If your blade or CMM is running ILOM version 2.0.x.x then its a known bug that the test alert button doesn't work. To test alerts, you'd have to generate a real alert e.g. pull a power cord or fan module out. The IP you put for the smtp server has to be reachable from the ILOM via the smtp port 25, so I suppose you can use the gmail one if the ILOM is on a subnet with direct internet port 25 access.

          The fix for the test alert button is in ILOM 3.0 which is available now for CMM and some blades; available in the coming weeks for additional blades (except T6300 that doesn't run ILOM).
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            Good to know. Since I am on a secure SMTP connection and I can indicate the port I assume I can access smtp.gmail.com on port 465 as well, correct?

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              Not sure - ILOM 2.0 can't use SSL port 465 as it doesn't support SSL as far as I know. If you change the port number, that doesn't mean you are changing the protocol unless the smtp sender on ILOM understands that. I think you can do that in 3.0, but the documentation only talks about SSL for LDAP lookups, so try it and see.
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                Confirmed that you can change the port on 2.0 or 3.0 to 465 but the emails will not be sent with SSL, just plain text over the different port. I'm not sure how the SMTP server will accept or deny the emails then. The SMTP client ILOM has within it does not support SSL, and is independent of the SSL support in the 3.0 LDAP client.