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    is my t1000 too noisy?

      I have a T1000 and X4100. The fans on the x4100 slow down following the initial boot up sequence. The T1000 fans; however, seem to run always at high speed, with lot of noise. Is this the normal behavior for the T1000?


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          Go get a hand-held decibel meter and measure the noise.

          The T1000's specifications as linked in the Sun System Handbook:
          The system should operate below 80dB.
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            I don't have a decibel meter; I was looking at the noise specs for T1000:

            Operating: 7.7 B
            Idling: 7.7 B

            and for x4100:

            Less than 83 dB sound power.

            X4100 sounds much quieter and the fans are not running at full blast. I guess I will try to
            update all patches on T1000 and hope for the best.
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              Indeed, those specifications are for perfectly acceptable co-existence.
              Glance at the chart I found at Wikipedia:

              For you to actually know what the system is doing, you'll need a meter.
              Guessing wouldn't be an accurate way to measure.
              If you are in North America, go to Radio Shack for their #33-2055 unit.

              If your T1000 is malfunctioning, you'll need to get Sun to repair it per its warranty or your service contract.
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                Well I have two of the noisy thing.

                And I have only seen people complain about the noise, so I always assumed that they were just noisy.

                The fans do spin down when the system is doing its diag check, but thats the only time I have ever heard it.