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    Reccomended Oracle Settings for T5140


      Are there any basic reccomendation to run Oracle (10g) on a coolthreads architecture. Or another way of asking is how to configure Oracle to invoke the muti-threading features of T5140 ?

      We ported from a V490(4 CPU -dual core w/ 32G of RAM) to a T5140 (2 cpu x 8 cores x 8 threads w/ 64G of RAM) and we noticed that its giving out a horrible performance.

      The box is currently dedicated to running the Ora server. There is also an appl. that sits on another box (a SUN Enterprise class server 24cpu/24G RAM) and it loads data constantly to the DB using 8channels.

      Our mpstat reports show that out of the 128 threads on the T5140, only a few are getting used at any given time. Also no bottlenecks were observed from the memory perspective except for a few blocked processes for resources (vmstat reps).

      TIA for any pointers in this regard.