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    W2100z: How to add SATA drive?


      I am planning to add Seagate SATA as a second drive (primary drive is SCSI) to W2100z. But I am not sure how to set up SATA drive other than enabling the SATA controller in the BIOS.

      According to http://www.directron.com/patasata.html, SATA disk require 15-pin power cable and 7-pin data cable.
      Does any one setup SATA drive on W2100z/W1100z? Does W2100z motherboard support 15-pin power cable and 7-pin data cable? Do I need to buy data and power cable in addition to SATA hard disk?

      I would really appreciate your help.

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          it looks like this box won't support sATA drives.

          which OS are you going to use? you would have to find a sATA card and some way to power them.

          you might want to reconsider this.... unless you like to tinker..

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            There is an SATA controller shown on the system board ( diagram in the SSH ). Have you tried opening the access panel to see if the interfaces are actually on the board. Another thing worth looking at is the BIOS, check to see if you can enable the SATA controllers. I would say that if the interfaces are on the board and you can enable the SATA controllers, you will need to buy additional cables.
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              Thanks for your suggestions.

              Right now I am dual-booting Win XP (x86) and Solaris 10 (x64) on SCSI drive. Suppliment CD does include SATA drivers for Win XP, so I am planning to move Win XP on to SATA drive.

              I could able to enable SATA in the BIOS with out any problem. SATA controller was showed up while bootup(similar to SCSI ) and Win XP recognized the SATA controller as well. So I guess SATA controller is actually on the board, but I am not sure that 15-pin power supply does exists on SATA controller or not (I didn't open the panel yet, because I am not sure familier with the hardware).
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                I added a SATA disk on my w1100z, the hardest thing is getting the drive brackets. Once you've got drive brackets you'll find that there is already 2 SATA power cables coming off the power supply, so all you need is a SATA data cable.

                Once the drive is physically plugged in go into the BIOS and enable SATA and the SATA BIOS. during boot the SATA BIOS will probe your disk and report capacity etc. In Windows XP install the Silicon Image 3512 drivers and after a reboot windows will see the drive!

                I think the chipset on board also does onboard SATA RAID, but you need more than 1 disk (obviously). The Java configuration tool for SATA RAID can be found on the Silicon image website.

                As for SATA support in Sol 10, I believe the SI 3512 chipset was one of the first to be supported so it if configured in HW it should just be another drive.

                btw, in terms of "supporting SATA" the box was designed to do so, the config available to most people just doesn't have it switched on.

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                  Last week I could able to set up Seagate SATA/300 and installed Windows XP with out any problem. Yet to re-install Solaris 10/Express on SCSI and dual-boot across the disks.

                  You mentioned good point about brackets, I couldn't able to close the computer door if I use similar brocket which comes with W2100z/W1100z because SATA data cable require more space. So I slide SATA disk into empty cd-rom slot. I am wondering what type of bracket and SATA data cable did you used?
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                    Our W2100z BIOS doesn't have any SATA options. We have
                    dual processors so perhaps the SATA capability is disabled on
                    the dual processor systems. Can anyone comment?

                    Can you advise where to obtain brackets for additional disks?

                    We have integrated a 3ware 9550SX raid controller, and it's
                    very fast. I'm pleased with the result.
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                      Can u plz tell me how were u able to install windows on W2100z.I tried in lot of ways but to no avail.I created the winxp 64 cd by runing the xp_reburn script from supplement cd 2.4 but same problem of "Setup didnot find any harddrives attached to your system".Theni attached a floppy drive and tried floppy disk containing drivers from supplement cd and after pressing F6 i provided the floppy,it shows the menu containing four driver names ,i tried each one of them but same old problem comes later in the setup.
                      Can u plz help me in this regard

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                        the hardest thing is getting the drive brackets.
                        Can I ask where you got them? I need to do the same thing but I cannot find a Sun part / part number for the drive bracket alone.


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                          Hello y'all,

                          I have a w2100z. Got it real cheap a couple of years ago, but didn't do much with it. Now I have a little time and I'd like to have it able to read/write to some SATA external drives. I have a NexStar dual hard drive dock which came with a SATA extension cable and bracket so that I now have a SATA port on the back of my w2100z which is then connected to my dock which has a single 1Tb SATA drive in it. I enabled SATA and SATA BIOS in the BIOS setup, but things don't seem to work. If the SATA drive dock is powered on when I boot, then the system seems to try and boot off the network and eventually complains "Operating System not found". If I boot with the SATA drive dock powered off, I can boot up OK (into OpenSolaris), but when I then power on the SATA drive dock, I see no messages in /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog (or anywhere else) pertaining to that drive and only my existing two SCSI drives show up if/when I do the "format" command. I was hoping the SATA drives would work like USB external drives which I can plug in and can see in the OS.

                          In the hope that someone might still be around and might have some pointers/ideas for me, I responded to the article.

                          Thanks all,

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                            Just a followup to my previous post. I have been able to successfully use an external SATA drive using an eSATA port that I added to the w2100z . I created an OpenSolaris USB flash drive, booted off of that, and then successfully installed OpenSolaris on the external SATA drive and am able to boot off of that drive OK and run. I had SATA and SATA bios enabled in the BIOS setup. Next step would be to install a couple of SATA drives inside the box. I'm not sure I want to mess with the bracket problem though, so I might just leave things as they are with the SATA drive being external.

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                              The w1100z and w2100z both support sata drives. the connectors are on board the motherboard. I have installed linux on these systems with no problem. just plop the drive in and install the os. no drivers needed. the tricky thing is, as mentioned, the cables. there are at least three different kinds of sata cable ends, that i've seen. the two that work with the case are the 90 deg bend cable ends and the "short" straight cable ends. The "long" straight cable ends are too long to fit with the cover on. If you don't have any brackets, you should be able to put longer screws partly into the sides of the drive and have it sit on the grooves in the disk cage. Just don't heave the system around a lot since the disks will then slide a bit horizontally. However, the cables connected to it should hold it in place reasonably well. Also, there are two sata power connectors in the system already. so the only thing you need are the drives and the data cables. Hope this helps.
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                                Oh, almost forgot. Like mentioned before, you need to enable the SATA ports and the SATA BIOS in the BIOS - they are off by default. I disabled the SCSI while I was there since I just have two SATA disks in the system.