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    SUN PCI IIIPro + on board IDE connector

      Hi All,

      I have a SUN PCI IIIpro card (1.6Ghz mobile Athlon) and the card itself has both onboard floppy (no use to man or beast) and laptop style, 44 pin IDE connector.

      I have a spare 20GB hard drive, and cable, and when connected up, the SunPCI3 bios "sees" the hard drive, correct model etc, but then hangs from going any further.....

      Any ideas on what I need to do to get it working - if possible ?


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          I have found and fixed one issue, the second is now got me stuck.. (possibly completely)

          First step - use a hard drive that works :-/
          Appears my 20GB was so spare, it didn't work - now used a 120GB, and now get lots further.

          Next step, slipstream the sunpci drivers onto a vanilla XP CD
          Can boot off a CDROM attached to the internal IDE connector on the SUnPCiIII card :-)
          But then Windows hangs.

          Take a know booting Windows installation created for the SunPCiIII card (i.e. previously build disk image on same card and follow destructions in http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?forumID=829&threadID=5261289 to get a normal HDD image) and then dd that to the 120GB hard drive, gets me a booting, but still hanging Windows installation.

          Question now is - can I force the SunPCi software to never have an emulated C (and D) drives in any way.

          I've tried commenting out the line C Drive=**** from ~/pc/SunPCI.ini (and even pointing that entry at something that isn't a disk image) - but still no go...

          Any thoughts ?


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            Given that SunPCiIII is designed to read an emulated disk image off the host Sparc machine, rather than directly from the IDE interface, did Sun modify the BIOS and/or a Window driver to force Windows to only read emulated disks rather than a real disk attached to the IDE interface?

            Is it possible to modify the XP CD image to output diagnostic information during the boot to determine at which point the hang occurs?