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    X4140 LOM (service processor) password reset


      I have Sun Fire X4140 that the LOM (service processor) stopped responding on. I could not get to the SP over SSH or HTTP so last night I powered the server off and disconnected power to get the SP to reboot. I can connect to the SP now over SSH and HTTP again but it won't accept my root password. I tried the default root password "changeme" and that doesn't work either.

      I tried the procedure documented in the "Integrated Lights Out Manager 3.0Supplement for Sun Fire X4140, X4240,and X4440 Servers" document (http://dlc.sun.com/pdf/820-5550-10/820-5550-10.pdf) but that did not work. I've never upgraded the SP software on that server so I'm assuming the SP isn't at V3.0. Is there a way to reset the root password in earlier versions of the service processor or a jumper setting in the X4140s I can use?