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    storedge C4 changer problem

      Hi all,

      I have a storedge C4 tape library which is connected to the SAN switch through the FC convertor. My problem is I cant see the changer (robot)in the FC convertor console or in the OK prompt, but drives are displaying.

      The library logs says the robot is OK. and I have tested the FC convertor scsi conectors and ports are are working.

      what can be the problem? pls help

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          We had a similar issue with one of our C4's it turned out to be the v440 it was attached to.
          I pulled both power leads on the v440 to reset the systemboard and scsi hba and all was good, I could then see the C4 after a probe-scsi-all.
          As a precausion Sun also changed both terminators for single ended terminators, this reduces the i/o to 40mb/sec both reduces the amount of interference from the HBA.
          Don't forget to boot everything in the right order. Leave the server off completely and first boot up the C4 this takes up to 10 minutes.
          Then power on the server to the ok prompt do a probe-scsi-all and the robot should show as a qantum px500.
          If not even after you've pulled both power leads on the server then look at cables, termination or scsi hba.
          What server are you using for the media server connected to the C4 and what scsi hba are you using.