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    Question about use of a T3+ disk array

      Hi all,

      Ok so im very new to Sun equipment, im more of a Windows man.

      So i plugged it in, used the console to set a hostname, IP, timezone etc

      It had a current array, so i cleared it. I setup one in Raid 5 (1-8. 9 as hot spare)
      But it says to use the format command, when i do, i get "Command not found"
      So i went looking for answers, at which stage, i realised i had hooked it up wrong!

      I had it with Console (Serial) and Ethernet, hoping to access the array via ethernet and send & recieve data from ethernet. But from my research i found that is not the case!

      So at this stage, i have it in a situation where it says the volume is there, and i have initialised it, but i dont know how to access it (any thoughts appreciated)

      Now to my questions......

      I can use Google, but i just want some confirmation:

      1) Does the T3+ need to be connected to a server by Fibre to access it, or can it be used by ethernet alone
      1a) Can it be connected to a media converter - fibre to Ethernet? or a Switch with a fibre port?
      1b) If it does need to be by fibre, can it be linked to a Sun Sunfire V100 (Me thinks not because of lack of expansion ports)
      1c) What about a IBM eServer x330 running CentOS
      1d) Windows server 2003? (Last resort!)

      2) If fibre is the way to go... can ANY fibre card be used that will work with whatever OS is recommended or does it have to be a specific card

      3) Does anyone know of any basic resources that i can read to set this up

      4) Should that format command work?

      Im sorry, as i said im new to Sun stuff!, so please be gentle.... Please?

      I think they are all my questions.....